SEO for less interesting products

SEO for less interesting products

Hello everyone. Today I will write about a SEO for products that are not so interesting – boring products. Yes, you read that well. Do you sell products online? Are they boring and you are out of ideas? What does not interesting or boring product means? It doesn’t means literally that some product is not popular or interesting for buying, it means that its description is just impossible to be written in interesting way to attract the buyers – customers. Sometimes the product or services such as online SEO agency services, insurance, rentals are just too simple to write something really amazing about them – what wasn’t already told or written on the internet.

First of all, it is just impossible to write very good description about , for example, a paper clip. Or a traffic sign. Or car insurance. They trully are a boring products. The main problem is how you see that product from your own perspective. Sometimes, you just cant describe it more, because the product is simple – but still very usable in everyday life. What should you do?


If your products are boring, don’t lose hope

You need to do some research – keyword research.  Your product may be boring, but be sure that someone needs it, even if it is a pen or a diary, or maybe a light bulb. It doesn’t matter. You need to think about all good things about it and present it to customers – potential buyers. For example, if you are selling pens in different colors, you are not just selling pens in different colors, you are selling something that will help others to organize their reading for a college , or a dissertation, or just a daily workout schedule.

You see? Your product is not a part of boring products or less interesting, you need to think how it actually helps other people. The product itself might look boring, but you should always think about its purpose. All products have purpose and their own customers. Even a color pens and paper clips. You just need to think, to make a plan and implement your ideas.




Product section ( category )

What if you are selling a nails? How to describe abut 500 types of nails? Yeah. It will boring as hell.  How to write interesting and engaging story about one type of nail and what to write about 499 others? Again, try to look from another perspective. They are all nails, of course, and even if some of them have different purpose, and even if they are boring products, you actually cant describe all of them in different way.

Instead, try to look at your category ( section ) page and categorize them by purpose.. That will help you a LOT and save your time. Nail is a nail, true, but remember, everything depends on how are you looking on your boring product. Think about its purposes and categorize them by that criteria.

Voila, now you have sorted nails and customers are ready to buy them easily because they are know where and how to find them on your site. Organizing is very important to business people, but is also very important for ordinary people too – dont forget that. Think wider, think from many perspectives until you figure out how to organize your products.



Ideas about content for those type of products

Okay, lets now see how can we choose the best content for those boring products. First, think like a reader, a customer. If you see some content boring, you wont read all of it, of course. But, what if , for example, you see a funny video about nails? Or animated cartoon about funny accidents? Yeah, you will stay and laugh, and read all the content because it was funny and interesting. That’s how you can get more people to read your reviews.

You don’t have to be always so professional and serious. Place some fun in it, you will feel better, your content will look better and most important, your customers will remember your funny video or funny joke about that product and tell his friend to check it out , too. So, like I said before, It all begins with perspective. Don’t lose hope, think about your product’s best purpose and present it to the customers. Good luck with your business.


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