Paperless work with OCR Software

Paperless work with OCR Software


OCR technology refers to Optical Character Recognition which enables computers to scan and recognize the text in the document. It can easily identify the handwritten, scanned or smeared content and translates it into an accurate digital version of the file. OCR provides flexibility, speed, and control in the professional environment.

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These days, many software with integrated OCR technology are in a huge demand because the work of data management has been increasing day by day. To maintain documents and the data, all the sectors such as, banking sectors, healthcare industries, computer industries, financial companies, legal departments, real estate firms and many more, are highly depend on such software which can recognize line breaks in the document, turn images into graphics, split up columns, allow you to search the text by keyword, allow document editing, etc. The process is quite simple with OCR technology.

How OCR works:

Easy data retrieval: The content of the document is easily accessed via computer networks and internet by anyone with proper credentials. You do not need to go to the archive room and spending time searching for the specific paper document.

Extra capacity: A lengthy document can take up lots of space, while the same amount of digital document can adjust on one hard drive and leaves space for more!

Good management: Organizing digital files and electronic folders are definitely more efficient than doing manual paperwork.

Upgraded security: Digital documents can be effectively supported on different drives. This makes them much more secure from any trouble. Moreover, organizations can encode the data and refuse to run files with just a few clicks.

Easily viewable and shareable: Digital documents can be viewed and shared numerous times without leaving the office desk.

JPG to Word Converter is such a software from the company Soft Solutions which is enabled to do all the necessary things to convert the image file according to your preferences. It makes your work hassle-free.

Benefits of the OCR software:

If you need to digitize an image file into an editable digital format, using JPG to Word Converter is the best option. It gives a quick and trustworthy result than typing manually. This software saves both time and effort when creating a digital document.

JPG to Word Converter with the help of OCR technology can convert a document into various electronic formats, like Microsoft Word, Text (and Rich Text), Excel, PDF, and HTML.

All documents converted through the JPG to Word Converter are easily editable and allow you to change the content according to the desired. It is already an essential part of almost all the businesses and is profitable in industries that are depending on heavily scanning documentation.


OCR technology has enhanced the concept of the paperless work, making documents editable, searchable, translatable, accessible. Document conversion has turned out to be in less time and resource consuming, resulting in improved office productivity and lessen operating expenses for companies.

Andrej Fedek