Blogging – SEO tips #1

Blogging – SEO tips #1

Some basic things to know

Blogging world, Hello. Today we will talk about small tips and tricks. Combined, they can give you desired result in successful blogging. SEO is one important part of it just as good business partners and online marketing agencies. They might be only a basic things, but sometimes they are vital for your success. What actually you need to, it really depends on what do you want to achieve.

Remember, all business opportunities are just opportunities until you start making them come to life. For example, if you have a blog , and you have free time, sit down and write a post, dont wait until tomorrow. Leaving it for tomorrow may lead to same result – you will leave it for tomorrow again. Write down your ideas at least.




What function does SEO have in blogging?

Well, basically, no SEO means no traffic, no visitors, no customers, no nothing. In today’s online world, search engine optimization ( SEO ) takes most important place among digital advertisers. But why? What SEO actually do for your site? Without SEO, Google cant categorize and rank your site and make it visible to others. That is SEO’s most important role. Of course, everyone would like to see its own website on 1st page in Google search. However, this might not happen so easily.

Many people think that just making a blog is enough. Unfortunately, their competitors and collaborators are already way ahead of them on Google rank. Why? Because they’ve started doing SEO long time ago. Thats why you should start immediately, it will cost you and it will require effort, but ultimately it will be worth it.


SEO partners and relationships


Many agencies already presented their business plan and they stick to it, but there are also more flexible online marketing agencies that will hear out your proposal. Having a trustful partner in blogging is more important than appointing an expensive agency, to help you out with search engine optimization campaign. You might have to pay some amount for this campaign, but remember, the more visitors you attract to your business website, there is a greater chance that they will buy something from your site.

Our recommendation is that the total budget doesnt have to be tremendous and it doesnt have to mean that you will get big success. Start with small budget and try to find as many friends online as possible. Appoint someone to help you out, especially if they are already familiar with SEO’s important parameters.

Investing in wrong link building can only cost you money, and the results might be thin. Therefore, you and your business partners and agency can help you only if you decide to undertake this campaign with them – you wont get anywhere alone. The more people you have around you, the more ideas you will have to chose from.


blogging ideas

Instant results and search engines


Unfortunately, in blogging, the results cant be instant. Many hours of work are needed for SEO to start showing its purpose. If your blog is new, the most important thing is to be patient and to believe in success. Success doesnt come over night, it needs some time to happen, but your determination must also be on its peak. Believe in your work. Believe and trust your partners. Work hard and the results will come, dont consider terminating your blog if something bad happen. It will happen on occasion, to all people all around the digital world. But never stop trying to improve your blogging skills.

Technology advancements allowed search engines to know when new blog started working. So there is no need for some extra action. Since search engines evolve over time, your goal is to adapt your SEO strategy accordingly. Search engines will certainly record every improvement and addition that you make on your website. So, dont stop doing that, keep improving your site. Add something new. Change it, beautify it, the visitors will also be attracted to your hard work and devotion. Even if things are going south, do not give up. Good luck!


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