14 Tools For Remote Product Management Teams


14 Tools For Remote Product Management Teams

Nowadays, there is a growing remote working trend that cuts across various industries. It requires companies to manage projects with contributors in different geographical regions while keeping them connected, informed, and working towards common goals.

Handling a remote working team can be a complicated task. Luckily, the market offers an impressive number of remote team management tools and remote working software, which will make your work easier. You can consider the following options.

Collaboration Apps

For any product group’s success, the team members need to share reviews, plan and make schedules. Below are several online collaboration and productivity apps that make cooperation easier.


It’s a great place to store your team’s documentation and even create roadmaps, descriptions, or notes. It, therefore, allows adequate referencing, designing, or formatting. Besides, you can share files and track document changes. Even better, it has an access level where you can make several modifications based on your permission level.

Google Drive

It allows you to maintain your teams’ key content in a single online location. All members can view and edit the documents. Further, they can create spreadsheets, texts, and other presentations and share them with others. Additionally, several individuals can edit the same file and save traceable changes easily.


It’s an all in one management tool that will help you create projects and collaborate on them. Using Proofhub, you can organize your files, complete and submit reports in a central place. Further, it comes with various threaded tools that support comments, discussions, and mentions.

Those are all excellent options, but Google Drive turns out to be more responsive, and it helps you work toward the team’s strategic goals.

Roadmap Software

The roadmap software outlines a company’s strategic direction for its product. It communicates the product’s vision, your customers’ needs, and how it will solve their problems. Hence, it helps coordinate the production process. Therefore, the cross-functional team can align the day to day tasks with your business strategies. You can use roadmaps to prioritize initiatives, track progress, coordinate activities across a team, build consensus, and create transparency internally and externally. Some of the top roadmap software solutions include:


The tool prioritizes your team’s task to develop useful roadmaps. Even better, it calculates your prime concerns and sets them out clearly to help the members and management team make effective decisions. Merely, it automatically aligns the team with the organizational goals to handle the projects more efficiently. Airfocus stands out due to its ability to rate each feature and initiative of your product based on preexisting criteria.


This planning app will help improve your organization’s workflow so that you can make and distribute products quickly. You can use it to create templates that will help speed up operations. You can also use it to share relevant information with the team members. It’s highly flexible and allows streamlined use in your company. Nonetheless, it seems somewhat unstable, and you might experience some constant bug fixes. It also has a limited number of structuring tools, which threatens your workflow in case of many subtasks.


Trello will help your organization prioritize workflows and organize projects. It’s highly customizable and avails specific product roadmaps that you can use in a variety of tasks. Besides, it has easy to use templates for teams in every sector applicable to any project. However, to use it, you need a proper internet connection. Besides, it’s mostly suitable for small scale projects and doesn’t work well with many teams. 

That is to say, all the listed roadmap software is good to go with, but give a try to airfocus, and you won’t regret it. The tool can smartly prioritize opportunities, offers a collaborative workspace for the team members, and more.


Communication Tools

Effective communication is very vital for remote teams. Since different members may work in varying time zones, you need to get an effective communication channel. The tool needs to support various communication types, including conferencing, videos, video calls, and chats. Some examples include;


It’s an online messaging app for quick conversations. For instance, you can use it when your team members need to answer some straightforward questions that won’t require email or phone calls. The tool supports voice calls, direct messages, and group chats.


Zoom is among the best video conferencing tools that you can use for training, webinars, to hold demonstrations or meetings. It offers high-quality audio and video and an option to mute and unmute specific members. Even better, you can record these sessions for future reference. When presenting your roadmap to your remote team, it gives you a chance to convey your strategy and better understand how your team perceives your explanations.

Troop Messenger

You can use this team application to send text, images, media, or other files to the members. Additionally, it allows you to assign tasks, monitor progress, and manage the teams from anywhere.

For this category, zoom seems to be the best since it allows multiple attendees to log in wherever they are using multiple devices.

Data Analytic Apps

With high competition in most industries, companies need more than their insights to make production decisions. It’s worth noting that customers’ preferences continually change, and you need data-driven intelligence to keep up with the competition. The following apps will help you out.

Google Analytics

It informs you of where most traffic is coming from and what users do on your site. Hence, you will better understand your market and what interests them.


Using this tool, you will get an updated insight into metrics that matters to your company. It helps analyze your site activities and turns the data into visually appealing dashboards that anybody in your company can easily understand.

Google analytics turned out to be the best since it gives you an in-depth analysis of visitors’ activities on your webpage.

Task Management Apps

While dealing with a remote team, you can’t walk over the member’s desks to inquire about proceedings. Still, you want to know the amount of time spent by the members on that particular project. Here are some tools that you can use in monitoring the task’s progress across various milestones.


Jira will help you assign tasks, manage, and track progress. You can even upload the product roadmap to Jira. Further, it allows you to update the task-level responsibilities assigned to each employee.


The task-management app will help you keep track of any issues that need addressing in your team.

Time Doctor

It’s a tracking tool for remote teams that records the amount of time spent on each activity and summarizes it in reports. Besides, it makes some screenshots indicating the users’ activities at a particular time. You may want to give Time Doctor a try.


Remote working is a more beneficial option for both team members and companies. For the organization, it means reduced costs on office space and hardware.

On the other hand, it gives employees the freedom to choose the time and place of work. With the right collaborations ( and a good vertical monitor ), it can be useful. Hopefully, the above ultimate list of valuable tools for managing a remote team will help you out.

Andrej Fedek