10 Tips to Design the Perfect LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

10 Tips to Design the Perfect LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways for businesses to sell in the digital world is pitching to a qualified business audience, which you can find on LinkedIn. However, you need to craft the perfect marketing strategy to set you apart from the competition. While finding a ready-to-buy audience isn’t easy, you can use LinkedIn marketing strategies that are completely free for promoting to potential customers on the platform.

Sure, LinkedIn doesn’t have the insane reach of Facebook or the mass appeal of Instagram but it’s still a powerful tool for influencer marketing. For example, an influencer can leverage their relationship with their followers to deliver your core business values to your target audience by simply sharing a post.

With more than 600 million members and over 300 million active monthly users, LinkedIn uses the Six Handshakes rule to connect people in a chain of two to six steps, that serves to boost the sales and marketing for businesses who explore it.

Since your business strategy is a calculated plan designed to reach an ultimate goal, what goes into the plan is what contributes ultimately to your success.

So, these 10 top tips to a winning LinkedIn marketing strategy will help you craft the best marketing plan that can help your business succeed in the digital marketing sphere.

Tip #1: Start by planning your goals

Starting from the very basics, which we often forget applies to every business, no matter which industry they are competing in. Every marketing activity is a project to achieve specific targets, which build towards your end goal. Therefore, start your LinkedIn marketing strategy by defining your goals.

Although you are using a social media platform, goal setting is the same as you have always known it. Make it specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic and, of course, make it timely. You can get more inspiration for setting goals by reading a bit of SMART 101 to refresh your memory.

Tip #2: Define your ideal customer

Know your audience! It is a crucial task for marketers, especially nowadays that trends are shifting toward a more millennial and gen Z’er customer base. If your responsibility is selling, then who you sell to must be defined and measurable as a demographic. Your ability to talk to your audience in the language they understand, by localizing your digital marketing is a great way to better personalize and connect with your customers.

Therefore, knowing your target customer is crucial, especially when using a social media platform like LinkedIn. Once you’ve identified your target customer, you have planted the seeds for the future success of your digital marketing and social media campaigns.

Tip #3: Create a brand that you are proud of

Think of a typical real-life environment; say your college reunions where you meet your old friends that you hadn’t seen since your university days. What will you sell to them? Make sure you can stand behind your brand and present it with confidence and passion.

Unless you build a brand worth advocating, you will stand ignored in the gathering of potential customers. Remember that people invest in value, and your customers are attracted to what you personally represent based on trusting that what you are selling is worth it for them.

Tip #4: Get your employees on the platform

When it comes to social media, power comes in numbers as the old adage goes; the more people you have sharing, commenting and engaging with your brand, the better. Imagine a company with ten employees on LinkedIn with an average of 1000 connections each, you can do the math in terms of the exposure and reach for your brand.

The main target of social media marketing is organic reach over time, that is, leads and customers you connect with without paid advertising. Additionally, the performance, respect, and value that your employees with an account on LinkedIn bring will positively impact your online presence on social networks.


Tip #5: Get a Company Page

If your employee’s account is a door opener for marketing, your company’s page is ultimately the target. Avoid the mistake of leaving your company page devoid of content while focusing strictly on your personal page. If you don’t have the time, give someone the sole responsibility to manage and run the company page. If that’s still too much work, use a free tool to promote it, so you can free up time for more important tasks.

The gain for your business is that a business account not only shows your commitment to corporate branding but also legitimizes your business. This provides your target audience an avenue to engage with you and eventually become customers.

Tip #6: Ensure Purposeful Content marketing strategy

As is typical of social media platforms, LinkedIn wants you to prioritize your content for the audience. Make sure that your published content on LinkedIn meets the guidelines and policies of the platform. Then you can focus on mixing up different types of content to keep it interesting for your audience such as videos, pictures, infographics, and plain text too. Also make sure to keep your content and video marketing strategy relevant, and in line with today’s trends which are constantly evolving.

However, your company page is not a place to post huge articles, it’s a place to connect your audience with your business. So try including information, personal stories, and random information to show you are human and not just a page.

Tip #7: Share Actionable content

Content is king and more so in a social media environment where most users are hunting down trending content that was released overnight. Audiences love to have the inside scoop or a personal opinion of a current event. This is a good chance to demonstrate your company values and show your audience where you stand on trending news.

Take advantage of this need for trending topics information to post calculated and well-timed content to expand your audience. Due to the handshakes rule, you should aim to make shareable content that goes viral to increase your company’s visibility across social networks. Make it a habit to post content daily and always be on alert for the latest hot topic to comment or reshare.

Tip #8: Promote your LinkedIn company page

The essence of marketing is to make your business known by sharing relevant information with your target audience. Therefore, your LinkedIn marketing strategy is incomplete without promotion, which is key to getting your company out there.

Although you should optimize your content to make it searchable and visible in an organic search, making deliberate efforts to promote your company page will help achieve your marketing goals much faster!

Basically, your LinkedIn page is your piece of digital real estate of sorts, as it relates to the world’s business community. Like any other property, you need a proper house address plaque, good landscaping and efforts to make it look presentable. Your page is what will determine your online presence, and how your company is perceived. 

As an added tip, make sure to take the time to craft or have a unique logo professionally done. This step is often overlooked, so avoid rushing and making a logo with the latest free logo maker like everyone else!

Tip #9: Join and be active in LinkedIn groups

The social media group is a community of people with a common interest. As in every social media, LinkedIn groups are made up of members who share ideas based on a common goal. These groups bring you closer to your ideal customers and are veritable ground for generating leads and converting new customers.

The essence of belonging to LinkedIn becomes more rewarding when you are active in your group, where other members can notice your expertise and are attracted to you. Think of your active participation as a magnet where you attract like minds and achieve your marketing goals.

Tip #10: Automate Linkedin marketing

Last but not least, you can speed up and manage your Linkedin marketing more efficiently by using LinkedIn marketing tools to achieve faster results with your digital marketing strategy. In a nutshell, LinkedIn automation refers to the use of software to perform routine tasks, including sending connection requests, creating and sending messages, following specific pages, posting content, generating, and prospecting leads.

While performing basic tasks is okay for individuals managing just their personal accounts, it is tedious and mechanical, especially when you are managing multiple accounts. Although automation makes things much smoother and easier to manage, only a handful of the tools are “allowed” by LinkedIn.

The seeming objections to a few automation tools such as Expandi, are due to how it affects the “user experience” on LinkedIn. In fact, many professionals have already recognized the value and vouched for the legitimacy of using automation on LinkedIn.

In any case, there are challenges and solutions to LinkedIn automation that businesses need to assess before choosing whether to automate or not. Knowing these allow you to choose the right tools permitted by LinkedIn to speed up account management for your business. Thus, you may use Lead Generation, Outreach, and Data Extraction tools to give your digital marketing a boost, as they are safe to use on Linkedin without any repercussions.


inkedIn is a powerful B2B marketing tool for agencies to scale up their business and meet sales objectives. But the platform will only work for you if you create a marketing strategy around it, with quantifiable and actionable goals. Once you’ve established your page and a basic online presence, the amount of time you dedicate to being active on Linkedin will ultimately determine the success of your marketing campaign. Whether you choose to do it the old fashioned way, manually posting for days in a row, or go the automation route, is entirely your choice. Either way, dedication and commitment to the strategy should yield results, no matter which direction you go with your digital marketing.

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