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Tips for Handling Email Marketing in The Midst of a Global Crisis

Difficult circumstances can disrupt even the most successful businesses, and a knee-jerk reaction that comes to mind may be to stop utilizing email marketing in order to protect your business from a global crisis. Costs are costs, right? Save them when/where you can. Should your marketing step on the brakes? Heeeeck no! If anything, now […]


Black Friday 2020: The 8 most crucial things to consider in retail

After last year’s successful Black Friday, retailers felt confident that the next one would be an even bigger blowout, surpassing the 7.4 billion in sales earned in 2019. However, that confidence diminished the day COVID came rushing through the country like shoppers usually rush through its malls on November 27th.  Now, retailers are concerned that […]


How outsourcing payroll in Singapore can save you time?

What is payroll? Payroll is the handing out of pay slip every week or every month. Payroll activities are carried out by experienced personnel who take into account all the employee benefits, wages, leave and bonuses, then do the calculation for allowances and deductions. However, the additions and deductions are usually calculated into the account […]


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