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5 Best Knowledge Base Builders

A knowledge base is a repository where info is stored, organized, and then shares. Your customers can use the knowledge base for everything they need to know about your product and service. On the other hand, an internal knowledge base software is used to allow employees to collaborate and distribute all company knowledge and information […]


Video Marketing From Scratch for Small Businesses

There’s no hiding that video marketing has grown significantly throughout the years. We see it on every platform we visit nowadays— websites, search results, and even our social media feed. When we search for something on Google, there’s a high probability that the results are accompanied by a video. It goes the same for social […]


6prog monthly community call

Last week 6prog held it’s monthly community call. It is useful for 6prog members to dial in and share stories about the freelance market and how corporations are working with suppliers aka freelancers. We had interesting commentary from a number of participants though some topics were particularly prevalent. IR35 Online B2B platforms Direct Sourcing Mental […]


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